Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ava 1; Broccoli 1

Yesterday Ava tried broccoli. Here's how the conversation went:

Mom: Ava, would you like some broccoli? (puts little bit of broccoli in mouth)
Ava: Yak!*
Mom: Ava, try a little more broccoli.
Ava: Yak! (Note: the broccoli had BARELY touched the tongue)
Mom: How about a little more broccoli?
Ava: Yak!

* yak! = gross coughing sound

After the failed broccoli attempt, we switched gears to the beloved pears.

Today we tried again, in sticking with the "introduce a new food over three days" rule. Today I took the upper hand. I added a little of the beloved apples to the much detested broccoli.

Mom: Ava, would you like some broccoli and apples?
Ava: Ya . . ummmm
Mom: [Hehe, my plan is working. The broccoli shall win today!] How about some more broccoli and apples?
Ava: Mmmmm...
Mom: Look! You've finished all the broccoli and apples! [Woohoo! Score one for the broccoli!]
Ava: Mmmm... mmm...

Who will win tomorrow?

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