Friday, June 06, 2008


This is our daughter as she usually is. Happy.

Had a good breakfast. Tried bananas. LOVE them. Love them more, I think, than any other food. More tomorrow.

Had a good nap this morning. So it wasn't a long nap (inevitably, I'll hear her squawking the moment I get out of the shower), but I've resigned myself to the fact that she may not be a long morning napper. As long as she has a good nap. I ask her each time: "Did you have a good nap?" One day she'll answer.

Had a good morning. Lots of playtime on the floor.

Met Gail and her daughter Eden for lunch at the little cafe up the road from my house. Now, I could walk there, but here's the thing: even if the temperatures weren't in the high 90s (with heat index of 103), I still wouldn't walk up there in the middle of the day, but if you were so inclined, it could be done. Nice place, yummy sandwiches, ok peach smoothie. Had a great time with Gail. I met her in my mom's group and we've really hit it off nicely. I laugh that Joe and I have been in NC for 2 years and it took me having a baby to make friends outside of the neighborhood.

Had a good afternoon despite fighting naptime. Finally connected with Joe in Scotland. We've been playing international phone tag. Was good to talk with him.

Had good dinner - carrots and apples, good tubby time, good bedtime. Richard and Joanna arrived in time to walk the yard with me as I watered all the little plants.

Happy day.


Shaan said...

Hello dale from Andre & Marion South Africa good to see photos of you guys bee good

simzgirl said...

Those happy days are the best! :)

Cate Sia said...

Glad to see Ava is treating you well while Joe is away! Such beautiful smiles...