Thursday, June 05, 2008

Our week

With Joe in Scotland (did I mention the little green monster is living with me at the moment?) what else are two girls supposed to do but eat and play?

Much of our time is spent on the floor. Much of our time is spent sharing meals: one bite for you, one bite for me.

We have left the house. Two trips to Bed Bath and Beyond (funny how whenever I undergo a "must clean my house of all junk" cleaning spree, I end up going to BB&B and buying more stuff . . .). One playdate (picture to come later). One dinner at Jason and Michelle's house. One lunch date tomorrow with Gail and Eden. And then Grandma and Grandpa arrive for the weekend.

We're keeping busy and keeping sane. And practicing sitting on our own and making strides to use the sippy cup!

On her new quilt, made by Joanna's dear friend Carol

"I think I'll eat the sun today"

"I love mom's homemade sweet potatoes"

"More. Sweet. Potatoes.

At the playdate

She bounced a bit but didn't quite know what to do; I think she'll enjoy the jumpers more in a little while.

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nikole said...

What great photos of Ava. I love her hair!