Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The rope and my wit: I'm at the end of both

Ever have one of those days? Today's grand finale (and God help me, because it's only 3pm) was a culmination of many different things over the past few weeks and days.

Without boring you with all the various and sundry details, let's just say "my day" has been sandwiched between an over-cooked, slightly burned chocolate chip pound cake (Sunday's Father's Day dessert) and an under-cooked, slightly squishy chocolate chip pound cake. Thanks Paula Deen, for nothing.

I suppose I should learn something from this disaster but all I want to do is cry. Two cakes. Wasted. I have always loved baking and thought it would soothe my soul to try get the cake right this time. Next time I'll just skip the cake and work on the bag of chocolate chips instead.

With a glass of milk, of course.

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