Thursday, June 12, 2008

Six month stats

Just returned from the doctor's office from the 6 month check. Here are the stats:

16lbs 2.5oz
26.25 inches

They said she's perfect for weight (double birth weight) and I think was 82% for height.

We're a go for all foods (except the major allergens: egg whites, nuts, honey) so that's exciting! Boiled chicken anyone?

Had a loud scream / cry at vaccine moment, but she settled down right away (nursing helped too) . . . only to have more tears when I removed the band aids. Bad mommy.

An update on the broccoli - ate the second half of the broccoli / apple combo with no yaks! Broccoli may move from the "foods I don't like" to the "foods I like list" (see right).

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nikole said...

Ahh...we had the big scream/cry this week too when removing the bandaid. It was a little shocking for me to see her blood on the bandaid. (silly, I know)

Did you nurse during the shot, or just after? I'm planning for next time...