Sunday, July 22, 2007

Halfway there!

This weekend marked the 20 week point in my pregnancy. Halfway to baby time! Hard to believe that 20 weeks from now will be December. Seems like we should be out shopping for Christmas already!

To celebrate the milestone, Joe made dinner for me - yummy pasta with artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, sweet italian sausage and loads of fresh mozarella - all the finest things in life (and in a pasta dish!). After that, it was time for Neopolitan ice-cream (cos sometimes you just want some strawberry AND chocolate ice-cream) and hot fudge and a movie (Talladega Nights - not nearly as funny as I thought it might be, in fact I found it to be rather boring).

Friday night, we went to dinner at Maggianos with Kim and Mike and their baby Tristan before going to the Bodies Exhibit. Without going into too much detail, the exhibit feature real human cadavers that have been specially preserved to show the different parts: skeletal, muscular, nervous, etc. It was fascinating! The cadavers looked more like plastic than anything real (due to the preservation process) and it was just amazing to see what's actually inside your body - I've always been amazed at how long the large intestine is and how it gets scrunched up in your torso. For me, now, it was more fascinating as all my innards are scrunched up higher due to the 10 inch long baby that is takin over my lower half!

On the baby side of things, I've been feeling her move a lot more lately - used to be 2pm and bedtime were her active times, now I feel movement at random times during the day. Some times there's just one movement, others a series of 4-5. The best way to describe is to say it's like a little blip in my belly.

The most unusual sign of pregnancy is Indi's protectiveness of me while we're out on our way. The world can rest assured that no old ladies walking, nor trashed plastic bags will attack me while Indi is by my side. This morning she stalked a plastic bag as we neared it on the bridge. Her ears went back, she hunched down and walked slower. I can only imagine she senses that I'm more "fragile" or something, but it's definitely new and endearing behavior for her.

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