Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's a girl!

Joe and I went to the doctor on Monday for my 18 week ultrasound and found out that we're having a baby girl! She was very cooperative during the gender scan part of the ultrasound - the technician is pretty certain it's a girl, not because she was unable to definitely see boy parts, but because she saw the three lines they look for on girls.

We've already received a bunch of clothes from our friend Liz who was cleaning out daughter's closet, so we're well on our way to being ready for our new arrival. This weekend Joe and his dad are working on the baby room, adding a chair rail, and soon after that, we'll make a trip to Lowes for the requisite too-many-to-count paint chips from which to choose the final colors! All the fun that awaits!

Did I mention the fun of chosing a name? That has begun and is not nearly as easy as I would have hoped. We'll be keeping the name secret until the birth. We already have one baby name book, but I have a feeling this is going to take numerous books to sort out!

Enjoy the newest ultrasound picture!

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Jess said...

Hey all! I lurk on here on occasion and I just wanted to give a happy shout out! Congrats! I was thinking about Joe today while I was biking around town... he'd always been a super positive coach when we biked and I still hear him in my head. Thanks for that! And also, I found choosing names much less fun when a real decision was on the line. Suddenly none of them were just right... we made a list and took it with us to the hospital and didn't actually officially decide until after she was born. It also helped make family happy because they knew that their favorite names were 'on the list' ... but that we'd decide after we met her.

anyhow, great to sneak a peak on ya'll. Many happy wishes!