Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our weekend

Had an enjoyable weekend with Joe's parents who were in town for his mom's birthday. They arrived on Friday afternoon and we had a low-key dinner at home - yummy burgers followed by even yummier lemon yogurt cake.

Saturday morning Joanna and I went to the water aerobics class while Joe and Richard worked on chair rail for the baby's room. Later in the afternoon we went to eat dinner at Rocky Mountain Firebirds and I had yummy salmon and then ate chocolate while we watched "Live Free or Die Hard" - we all really enjoyed it!

This morning, Richard and Joanna left around 10:30ish and Joe and I grabbed some lunch at Five Guys (again, yummy burgers!), some paint swatches at Lowes and some groceries at the other Lowes.

Joe's out riding with Jason so I'm puttering around, trying to decide whether I want to work on my wedding/honeymoon album book or go for a swim at the indoor pool or take a nap. All good choice, but not so easy to narrow down.

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