Saturday, July 07, 2007

Transformer underwear!

Yesterday afternoon, Joe played hooky (er, finished early) from work and we drove off to a most enjoyable time. First stop, the mall. I need a few more pairs of maternity underwear and found 2 3-packs on sale! Woohoo! Underwear on sale and underwear that is MOST comfy - couldn't have asked for a better deal! I think I will wear these underwear long after baby arrives!

After undies, we dined at PF Changs - we shared the honey chicken and the Mongolian beef (with brown rice and a side of broccoli) and then enjoyed the banana spring rolls with coconut ice-cream. Delicious!

After the meal, we drove to a different mall to visit REI for some bike parts. Seems these days, a trip for us is incomplete without a stop at some bike shop for some random bike part.

After REI, we went to see Transformers. (I told Joe he owes me big time: two days at a geeky computer conference AND Transformers!)

Now, being a Thundercats kinda gal, I told Joe to enjoy his "boy movie" and after sitting through at least 4 horrible "boy" movie previews, we settled into the feature film. I really enjoyed it! It was funny and fast and the fight sequences were pretty awesome! I'm sure seeing the cars and trucks and hummers and tankers transform into gigantic robots on the big screen and "in person" was way cooler than watching them do such tricks on a dinky cartoon tv show. Pretty impressive graphics! Joe enjoyed it too, so all was worth it! Definitely a fun summer movie if you're looking to enjoy a couple of hours with some loud action and crashes and explosions and not want to follow too closely to some intricate plot.

Speaking of intricate plot, I think we're going to netflix the first two Bourne movies in preparation for The Bourne Ultimatum, which opens sometime in August, I think.

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Cate Sia said...

I felt the same way about going to see Transformers with Chris and Eric. We went to the first morning showing on July 4th and I couldn't believe how crowded it was already. Even more surprising was how much I enjoyed the movie! So when do you think we'll get a Thundercats movie?