Saturday, July 07, 2007

Straddle your noodle!

Three words I didn't expect to have added to my vocabulary this morning but after attending my first water aerobics class, I can say it with confidence!

So, I went to my first water aerobics class, even after being "warned" by lady that it was (in hushed voice) "mostly older ladies." I had such a great time! There were 7 of us and the instructor (she and I being the youngest by probably 10-15 years) and we all chatted and huffed and puffed our ways across the pool for the hour class. I think I am definitely going to feel the burn in my arms and upper body tomorrow (those little weights are practically weightless outside of the pool but definitely pack a punch when you put them under water). I think it'll be a good compliment to my usual 2.5 mile walk each morning, adding some toning and a different style of aerobics. Next class is Monday and I plan on being there!

Oh, there was also talk (while we straddled our noodles) of the "unexplained chafing and rashes" that might be experienced after the class, but the instructor told us to tell our husbands to call her for verficiation that we did indeed get such chafing from an aqua class. Perhaps the class should have a PG rating!

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