Friday, November 02, 2007

Ava's Room

Here are some photos of Ava's room - I think it's done, but with each day, I find something new to tweak or rearrange! This truly was a labor of love and has been underway since earlier this summer when Joe was out of town and his dad came in to help me paint. He and Joe worked on the chair rail a few weeks before that, and the finishing touches have been added gradually. I hope Ava loves her room and doesn't demand a pink princess room as soon as she's old enough to speak!


Simeon said...

That room looks great! She is gonna be super happy in there. I love the letters. We have Ana's name on the wall over the changing table and her comforter above the bed. Just switched from what you have. :)

I am so excited for you guys. Rock On!

Anonymous said...

The room look amazing! Your glide rocker look exactly like the one I had in Tyler's room!


simzgirl said...

I love that green color! And don't worry about the room not being pink. Our daughter's room is blue and I am pretty sure she doesn't mind one bit!