Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas is done!

Ok, so the tree and all decorations are still in their boxes in our storage area, but that doesn't mean we're not ready for Christmas. All presents are purchased and wrapped and ready for delivery! WOOHOO! Having all gifts taken care of takes a lot of stress off my life right now, given the fact that Ava is still head down (woohoo!) and things in that general region are moving along in the appropriate manner. There is some dilation, some effacement and Ava's head is in a good position. The doctor said he doubts she'll flip back (whew!) and believes her head will have no trouble fitting through the birth canal (she doesn't measure huge, which is a relief). Now... I know women have walked around for weeks with dilation and effacement continuing, but Joe and I are hoping that doesn't happen to me - I'd like to get through Thanksgiving as I have a tasty menu planned out for the two of us - but anytime after Turkey day would be just fine with us!

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