Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Belly shot

The latest belly shot (37 weeks) was taken as we were walking out the door to go to the hospital for the external version. Figured since there was a slight possibility that I might end up having a c-section, it was best to get this photo in before there was no more belly to document.

Well, I still have a belly but no 38 week photo yet. The belly isn't much bigger, but I did have to buy some new clothes this past weekend at Target. I have no winter clothes that fit so a couple of long-sleeve maternity shirts were definitely in order! Felt silly buying new clothes so close to delivery time, but I figure my neighbors would rather me spend some money on new clothes than prance around the 'hood with my belly hanging out from under a too-small-t-shirt!

On the delivery front: things are progressing but s.l.o.w.l.y.... but at least Ava is still head down and looks to be in that position for the long haul!


Cate Sia said...

Dale - you look great! We wish you as much comfort and fun in these last days before the Big Day!

simzgirl said...

Oh don't worry about a thing. You will still be wearing maternity clothes for a little awhile after you deliver. In fact, almost a year later, I still prefer some of my maternity t-shirts because they are longer than my regular ones, and the beauty is that no one has to know it is maternity! :)