Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The evolution of a new backyard

Demolition day has arrived.

When we moved into our house a year and a half ago, we had a nice wooded lot behind ours. We knew one day this wooded lot would be demolished to make way for a new house, but in the meantime, we enjoyed watching the birds make use of the small forest.

Bye bye trees. Bye bye birds. But also bye bye ticks and icky spiders. I'll definitely miss the trees (but hope that the birds will find their way to the trees in our yard) but I won't miss all the scrub plants behind our yard that were a safe haven for ticks.

Going . . . going . . . gone.

I must say, though, that despite how destructive one crane can be, it's weird to watch how strangely gentle and delicate the machine is while tearing down trees. The claw part almost acts like an elephant's trunk as it carefully picks up debris. Very strange to me.

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