Sunday, November 18, 2007

McDreamy, McNewborn and McChristmas Tree!

Despite having driven to the hospital two mornings in a row (first on Friday for the ECV and then on Saturday to attend Newborn Basics class), we've had a really nice weekend . . . that is shaping up to continue with a nice relaxing Sunday at home.

McDreamy is back! We love Grey's Anatomy but love it even more when it arrives at our house in the 4-episodes-per-disc format. We're a season behind (just started 3, while the rest of the world watches 4 on TV) but not for long. The good - and bad - thing about getting the show on DVD is that it's really easy to just sit for 3 hours glued to the television. But it's an enjoyable three hours, filled with McDreamy, McSteamy, McSlutty, McB*tchy. All the good stuff we look forward to when the Netflix envelopes arrive. We already watched two episodes this morning but are saving the next two on the disc for later this afternoon when the need for more mindless relaxation kicks in.

Christmas is officially here - we spotted Santa last night in Durham! Joe and I met up with Mike and Kim and Tristan for dinner at Chammps (yummy salad!) and a walk through the outdoor plaza to view the lighting of the christmas tree. Santa was onstage for a bit and the tree was beautiful all lit up. And after the lights were on, it started (fake) snowing - a nice way to ring in the holiday season (even though we're not yet at Thanksgiving!).

Christmas is almost complete at our house - christmas gift buying, that is. I have some more wrapping to do and then we'll be done! The decorations and tree will be brought out of storage and assembled after Thanksgiving, so if Ava decides to make an early entrance into the world (post Thanksgiving), she'll come home to a house all decorated for the holidays.

On tap for the remainder of the relaxing Sunday at home: grocery list for the week, grocery list for Thanksgiving dinner, thank you notes for the baby shower (I'm the worst at those), more work on a secret project, laundry and some general house cleaning. Oh, and no trips to the hospital for painful procedures or baby seminars. All in all, a good forecast for the day!

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