Friday, November 02, 2007

Pretty in Pink

So, I've received a lot of flack from people due to the fact that I don't "do pink" - I have been given a lot of hand-me-down clothes and a lot of them are pink. I'm not complaining. I am extremely grateful for all the clothes we've been given. However, when it came to the baby's room or what I would buy in the store, I did not gravitate towards pink . . . until I found this outfit online.

This is what Ava will wear home from the hospital. It's from Zutano and I love it! It may be pink (Ok, the little pants are hot pink) but at least she'll be stylin' in pink on her way to her new home!


simzgirl said...

Oh that is so cute! Zultano make really great quality clothing. And they are SO soft. The clothes run a little big, so don't worry if it's swimming on Ava. At least she will get more wear out of it that way!

Lola said...

She's going to be so warm and snug in the cute outfit! Looking forward to seeing pics of her.