Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy 1 month old

Ava is one month old today - and to celebrate, she decided to get her second hepatitis vaccine! Boy, was that rough. The nurse gave her the shot and her face had a look of panic like I've never seen. It was silent for a moment and then she wailed. In a weird way, it was the first time since giving birth that I truly felt like a mother. Seeing your child in such pain (if only for a brief moment, as we know from having shots) and not being able to explain to them what is going on and assure them (and have them understand) that they will be ok was very difficult. All I could do was hold her and hope she knew that she was safe and loved.

On a positive note, the crying didn't last long and Ava does not seem to have suffered much from the incident and has been happily eating and napping during the day. She's also cooing and smiling more (although still random) and tracking more with her eyes. Her neck gets stronger each day (as do her legs as she pushes herself up on my chest during "burping") but she doesn't love tummy-time. I think in a few weeks she'll enjoy that more when she can hold her head up more.

Her stats:

10lbs 7oz (up from 8lbs at birth)
22 inches (up from 20.75 at birth)
cuteness factor - up each day!

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Cate Sia said...

I love the stats! Sounds like she is eating well. And great conversation shots too!