Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random pictures

Just a few of the faces I experienced the other day when little miss refused to nap during the day. She wasn't all grumpy but showed she was sleepy when evening came and she wasn't too thrilled to have that documented!

This is how I usually see her - peaceful and content

Big smiles! It looks like she's about to attack my boob, but really she's just smiling!

Grumpy baby - looks very similar to the poopy face, but that is usually associated with a more red glow on her skin as she grunts and grunts.


simzgirl said...

The "grumpy baby" looks like she is thinking "Mama, what are you doing NOW?!" I love it! :)

Cate Sia said...

She has such great expressions! That's cool too that you usually see her peaceful and content. Can't wait to see you when you hit N. VA.