Saturday, January 05, 2008

Trying to capture a smile

Ava has started smiling - real smiles, not ones that precede gassiness. Of course, at this point they're random and and short-lived, and in an effort to capture one, she and I had a photo shoot yesterday. This was the best picture (note absence of smile; the others were all in various stages of fussiness) and also shows off her first real outfit - mostly she wears her pjs all day long. Who wouldn't love that?!

This photo shows how she sleeps - she starts off vertical and at the top of the bassinet and as she sleeps, gradually shimmies her way down till she's all scrunched at the bottom.

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simzgirl said...

I took me SO long to get a picture of Ana smiling. We have a digital SLR and as soon as I went behind the camera to take the picture she would stop smiling because she couldn't see me anymore! I finally took to shooting blindly with the camera off to the side and cropped the pictures so they were better framed. Or I guess you could just have Joe help you out... ;)