Tuesday, January 08, 2008

P. S. I went to a movie!!!

This afternoon, I went with mom and Ava to see "P. S. I love you" - figured at 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon the theater would be near deserted. There was the three of us and one other lady, perfect for our first public movie outing. Ava was an angel, sleeping half of the time in her car seat and the other half on my chest. Of course, the drive home was another story, as she decided she was starving and in need of food. Despite the tears on the way home, I think she and I will become regulars at the matinee movie (it's only $5 at this theater) and next time I'll be sure to encourage more nursing during the movie so less tears on the way home!

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simzgirl said...

Good for you going to a movie! I haven't been brave enough Ana to one yet. Do you have "Mommy Matinees" out there? Where they keep the lights on a little so you can see the kiddos and the volume isn't as loud to protect their sensitive ears. You might look into it. :)