Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Voices in the machine?

So, when I was having some breastfeeding difficulties after Ava was born, I started using a breast pump. For those who have used one, you know the monotonous sound it makes. But did you ever hear it talk to you?

At two different settings (depending on how I had set the speed and vacuum) I could hear words - one sounded like a little Austrian man (well, he sounded European so I just picked Austria) saying "Hell-o, hell-o, hell-o" over and over. On a faster setting, I heard "Thank the Lord, thank the Lord" over and over.

Why am I blogging about my breast pump?

Well, I was watching the View this morning and Elizabeth (one of the hosts) was talking about this exact phenomena (yes, I'm calling it a phenomena now!). She is pumping for her young infant and she heard her machine saying "Right now, right now" over and over.

Creepy . . . but also a testament to the tricks your mind plays when you're stuck in a position for a while and can't do anything but listen to the noises around you.


KIM said...

HAHA!! Mine sings songs to me....:)

Nikki and Mike said...

Ok girl really you need to get out!! haha!

I found that I was going so nuts with the pumping and feeding at night with nothing to do but start at the walls I started doing both infront of the TV....it was better but then I go addicted to Night Rider....which really is probably worse!!

Love ya!

simzgirl said...

That is so funny. A friend of mine said her pump talked to her also (I don't remember what it "said"). I am a manual pumper (Medela Harmony) cause I feel like I have more control over it. Plus the machine kinda freaked me out.... ;)