Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our other baby

You may have thought we'd found a new home for Indi, given the lack of photographic attention she has received lately but really that's her own fault. Until the last week or so, she's been sulking for the most part; sitting in the corner looking away from the camera, sitting upstairs away from us. The only time she acts like herself (and wants to play with me) is when I'm nursing Ava. Right smack dab in the middle of the most inopportune time. If she would learn to bring her toy and put it on my lap, I would throw it for her. Alas, she brings her toy but either drops it on the floor (I can't bend down to get it) or she'll hold it just out of my grasp (I can't stretch to reach it). Sigh.

But the other day she went out to pee and found that a neighbor (still not sure who) had thrown a semi-inflated basketball over the fence for her. New ball! Woohoo! She ran over to it and promptly picked it up and carried it inside. She was so proud of her discovery that I took a few pictures before Joe removed the toy from the living room and went out to play with Indi. She loves her toys!

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simzgirl said...

Awww. Poor mopey Indi. Our pups became little mothers when we brought Ana home. They would run around the house looking for her so they always knew where she was. And if Ana started crying they would run over to us like, "The baby is crying! Go get her! NOW!" It was pretty sweet.